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  • Lovely Vintage Items Sold

    Hi Kerry Just received your waistcoat. It's perfect....... Many thanks Debbie x Re: Shires waistcoat in mustard.
  • Lovely Vintage Items Sold

    brill - thanks a mill.... many thanks - 5 stars all around! Re: Selection of used riding boots.

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Kerry's Blog
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Kerry's Blog
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We have new stock!

Over recent months we have been busy digging about finding lots of unusual and interesting items and sourcing heaps of quality stock from tweed jackets and whips through to our delightful range of handmade Harris Tweed gifts.


We have added new catagory tabs for the Tweed gifts and the ever popular 'So Country' range making them easy to find and browse.

As we now have an extensive range of used coats and jackets we have made them easier to browse through by adding size catagories for sorting as well as the gender catagories.

We have also split down the boots into sizes as well as the waistcoats and other clothing.

Hopefully this will make shopping with Hunting Vintage easy and a pleasureable experience!

Don't forget, if you are local please feel free to contact us to arrange a suitable time to pop in for a look/try on.

We are currently booking our summer shows so you will be able to see our extensive range of stock at a selection of other venues.

We hope you like our stock additions and if you need any more information, please do not hesitiate to call or message....


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After a really busy Christmas period we are manically restocking the website with a fantastic mix of goods. 

We have found a wonderful selection of 'no longer available' yet brand new tweeds, hunt coats and waistcoats. All are of an excellent quality and are made in England by some of the big names that are no longer in existence or based in the U.K. (Caldene, Saddlemaster etc)

We have a large selection of whips which are now online. These are a mixture of ladies, gents, children's, new, vintage and also, some more unique whips.

There is a great selection of quality boots making it way on line too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy New Year all xx

IMG 1119

Poppy the HV dog pondering the whips!

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Quality Vintage Items Sought.

Why does everything seem to shrink in the wardrobe?!

We are happy to part exchange or buy in any quality used attire.

We love vintage but are also happy to take more modern quality items too.

Jackets, coats, whips, sandwich cases, flasks and so on.

We will pay a fair price and can come to you if there is a substantial amount (distance pending) but can also provide a courier service to collect.

So why not give those old items a new lease of life?

Contact by email/call and we can discuss.

Its also really useful if you can email some images of the items as that helps when working out a value!

Check out those wardrobes and tackrooms.........



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Christmas Fayre

We are excited to be attending the Cat Down Photography Christmas Fayre 2017 which is being held on November 21st at The Tiverton Hotel.

We will be taking our beautiful 'So Country' and Harris Tweed gift ranges with us along with our saddle bags, saddle flasks and vintage goodies.

There will be a great variety of stalls there as well as some mulled wine and mince pies - perfect!

We will also be at The SFH Pamper Evening on 6th Dec which will be held in North Devon.

A great chance to get ahead with the Christmas shopping!

See you there x





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Out and about - 2017

We are currently busy booking our summer events.

We have an exciting addition this year - Blenheim International Horse Trials. Our biggest event so far!!

Here is our list for the forthcoming season......

Festival of Hunting (Peterborough) - Weds 19th July

Dunster Country Fair - Weds 26th July

Honiton Show - Thurs 3rd August

Exford Show - Weds 9th August

Dunster Show - Fri 18th August

Blenheim International - 13th to 17th September

Hopefully see you somewhere along the way.....



Mr Fox relaxing at Dunster Country Fair!

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That's Christmas over for another 12 months!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with plenty of time to spend with friends, family and equines!

It was very busy for HV again this year - which of course is all good - if not a little manic at times.

Moving forward into the New Year we will be spending the coming few weeks filling up the website with some of the amazing vintage items that have come our way recently. We have some great tweeds and coats and an exciting array of vintage waistcoats we can't wait to share with you.

Then, before too long it will be time to start thinking about the summer show season.... Where shall we venture to this year? We have some old favourites in mind but always like to try something new - so watch this space!

Of course, if you are local (or maybe just even passing through!) and would like to come and have a rummage, do get in touch and we can arrange a suitable time for a visit.

In the meatime, we wish you all the very best for 2017!

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Christmas Last Posting Dates

Here are the last posting dates for 2016:

We can try and sneak last minute orders in - but for guarenteed delivery and stress free shopping, here are the dates for last posting....

UK Service

Tuesday 20th December UK 2nd Class and 2nd Class Signed For
Wednesday 21st December UK 1st Class and 1st Class Signed For
Thursday 22nd December Special Delivery Guaranteed*
Friday 23rd December Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed
International Standard (airmail) and International tracking signature services
Saturday 3rd December Africa, Middle East
Wednesday 7th December Cyprus, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Eastern Europe Thursday 8th December Caribbean, Central and South America
Saturday 10th December Greece, Australia, New Zealand
Wednesday 14th December Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Thursday 15th December Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Friday 16th December Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Saturday 17th December Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

 HM Forces mail - (BFPO)

Monday 28th November Airmail to Operational BFPOs
Monday 12th December Airmail to Static BFPOs
Hope this helps!
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The Festival of Hunting - 2016

The Festival of Hunting 2016

This was our first trip this far north and our first time at this event.

Our adventure started with the long journey up country from our 'middle-of-nowhere' spot in North Devon.
This was made much more exciting by a tyre blowing out on the M4 which resulted in a sweaty afternoon at the roadside being eaten by flying ants whilst a rather red faced RAC man huffed and puffed a lot!

Eventually we arrived at the showground and did our best to set up the HV stand in the sweltering heat.
(It would have been rude not to take a refreshment stop every half hour!)


We spent a very warm night in the camper van, disturbed only by some keen folk throwing tent poles around at 5a.m.

The morning of the show was bright and sunny and from the lovely shadey spot in our stand we had a sneaky view of the competiton ring to our left - which provided the excitement
of the Inter-Hunt Relay, followed by some brilliant Pony Club rivalry. To our front were a couple of the hound rings.

Its a shame that whilst selling at these events you only really get a few moments to have a nose around and see what is going on a bit further afield and (even worse) miss out on that all important shopping!

It seemed like a great day of competition and also seemed well supported.

All in all, everyone at HV had a great time. We met some lovely folk who visited the stand and despite the 565 mile round trip and a very badly behaved card machine, we are looking forward to next year!



(Images courtesy of Gill Bamford)

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Summer Shows 2016

Once again we have planned to attend some summer shows and events so we are now packed up and ready to hit the road! This year will be at these wonderful venues:

20th July - Festival of Hunting, Peterborough

27th July - Dunster Country Fair

4th August - Honiton Show

10th August - Exford Show

19th August - Dunster Show

We will have with us our vast selection of hunt coats and tweeds, whips, our saddlebags, saddle flasks and all the lovely vintage hunting bits and bobs we have sourced. There will be some great special show offers too!

Please come and see us.......

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The Adventures of the Little Red Coat

Most of the time when vintage items arrive at HV its a bit of a surprise as to what will turn up and what condition it will be in. Emailed photos only give a general idea and sometimes things arrive with just a few details and high hopes they will be as described and ready for a spruce up and a new owner.

Some time ago, a big box arrived from somewhere that escapes me (you see, there are rather a lot of big boxes arriving here!)

Inside that box were a number of lovely red coats and in particular a beautiful vintage ladies wool coat in red. It had a stunning gold lining and oozed a quality hard to find these days.

SAM 0157

The little coat was loaded onto the website and enjoyed a summer attending various shows waiting for the right sized new owner to turn up.

At the end of the summer I received a request from a photo studio for hunting attire for a fashion shoot. The studio was based in London and the magazine in question was VogueItalia!

The little red coat, along with a gents red coat, a gents black coat and an assortment of stocks and pins travelled to London for the photo shoot.

Now, I love tradition and the piece in the magazine is anything but traditional. They have certainly added an interesting spin on the hunting look!


And not a horse in sight..... What do you make of that?!

Anyway, the little red coat returned, along with the other items and a short while later went off to its new owner - in Germany!

I hope the coat will go on for many more years and in the meantime I will bear in mind it may just be possible for me to wear my hunt coat to Morrisons on top of my hoody if it gets a bit parky! ;)


Auf Wiedersehen!


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New Saddle Flasks.

I was totally frustrated recently when the supplier of the juice bottles used for the saddle cases suddenly (and quite randomly) changed the design  - namely the shape and size.

I was frustrated because there was no warning and no rhyme or reason but mostly because HV had just taken delivery of a large batch of freshly made cases - you guessed it - crafted to the exact specifications of the said juice bottles! AAAAgghh!

So after some pondering and a bit of head scratching, I set out to find alternatives.

I am now very happy to announce that I have found suitable replacements - that I feel are way better than what we were using previously.

I have sourced a sturdy and smart lacquered metal drinks bottle with a screw lid for the 'juice' option. (Although - feel free to fill it with wine or similar if that's your thing!)


I have also discovered some rather lovely childrens juice bottles with flip-top straws. Absolutley perfect for one handed, horse mounted refreshment. (Perhaps the wine would work here too?)


We still have the hot flasks for those who fancy something warming on a cold day. (I was thinking hot chocolate, tea, coffee or mulled wine before dismissing soup and baked beans as a step too far...!)

The flasks come complete with a saddle mounted case in either black or brown leather.

A great item to stop those thirst headaches whilst out in the field.


Find them here:



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Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new website - we hope you like it!

It's taken a long time trying to get it right and we've done our best to ensure that its clear and easy to use.

We especially love the quick and efficient one page checkout. There's nothing worse than having to plod through heaps of boxes and forms so we've made it as quick and simple as possible for you to checkout your purchases.

We are maintaing our mix of quality vintage items and specially selected new products - hopefully giving you the best of both worlds!

We have a great selection of fresh vintage stock which will be added to the site over the coming weeks - keep a look out!

Best of all, we have a fantstic End of Season offer:

The Equetech Hunt Coats are now available with a big reduction. The ladies coats are priced at £150 (down from £215) and the gents coats are priced at £170 (down from £230). So there is a huge saving to be made!

This offer is available for a limited time only so its the perfect opportunity to replace that hard-worn coat or perhaps treat yourself to a new one!

Happy shopping!


P.S. We'd love to know what you think of the new site.......





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Card Payment Muppetry!

Have you ever thought that changing your internet supplier was tricky? What about your mobile phone, utility supplier or insurance provider?

Well.... I'm in the process of changing the provider of the card payment facility on this website and I believe it would be easier to get to the moon on a uni-cycle!

To cut a very long story short, there will be a short time where I will be unable to take card payments on the website. I can however take payments with a card over the phone - so please call and I will take details.

Alternatively, there is the facility to pay for orders via PayPal.

I do apologise for this - I find it truely frustrating, but seemingly its beyond the capabilities of the technical people in charge.

Hopefully, things will return to normal before to long!




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Christmas Post.



We are happy to deliver your Christmas orders right up to the last minute and willl do our best to ensure you get your purchases on time. However, its easier (and less stressful for everyone!) if you leave plenty of time for delivery.

We use a mixture of Royal Mail and courier services for our orders - depending on parcel weight, size and destination so can offer a reliable and quick delivery service.  Occassionally at this time of year things can get slowed down due to the festive rush......  

For your information here are the Royal Mails last posting dates:


Sat 19 December 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class
Mon 21 December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class
Weds 23 December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed
USA & Canada: Tues 15 Dec
Mon 14 Dec Germany Poland Czech Republic Italy
Tues 15 Dec Finland Sweden
Weds 16 Dec Austria Iceland Ireland Portugal Spain
Thurs 17 Dec France
Fri 18 Dec Other Europe


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Our next shows....

Next weekend we will be attending RHS Rosemoor for the Vintage and Collectable Fair - 17th & 18th October.

Its held in the wedding marquee in the gardens and its a super venue!

We will be taking all our lovely tweed and a selection of black and navy jackets along with some of our vintage table top items.

We have never been to this event before but like to try out new venues so hopefully we will have a good couple of days.

We are also booked into the Westcountry Equine Fair to be held at Westpoint, Exeter on December 5th and 6th.

(The perfect place for Christmas shopping!)

Come and visit us at either of these events!

If you would like us to come to an event or function you are holding, feel free to email us.


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Lovely Tweed!

Tweed - that fabulous stuff we wear at this time of year!

But where did it all start?

The cloth was originally called 'tweel' (twill in Scotland). This was because the fabric was traditionally twilled into a pattern, rather than being just plain.
It became popular due to the wool used giving it a durable and weather resistant quality.
Over the years its popularity has grown from those wearing it for country pursuits to being widely used in the fashion indusry.
It has been championed by many over the years and has also featured widely on TV. Examples include Sherlock Holmes (Think of Benedict Cumberbatch in his fetching tweed coat!) and some of the Dr Who actors.


But for me, I have to say, Gary Barlow rocked some fabulous tweed whilst judging on the X-Factor!

The most well known tweed has to be Harris Tweed.
Its famed for being hand woven in the Outer Hebrides and is strictly controlled in terms of quality and process and is authenticated by the Harris Tweed Orb.
The variety in designs and colours available is amazing!

With tweed now being a regular on the High Street and featuring in anything from handbags and footwear to pet clothing it looks like its going to be here to stay.
We have a whole range of vintage tweed on line - so have a browse! Find yourself a lovely, quality jacket.....



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Sunshine & Tumbles.....

And so the summer rumbles on - although its looking somewhat soggy from where I'm sat right now!

Honiton Show on the 6th August was a dry and sunny day with plenty of folk enjoying the fantasic Hound Show. It was great to see so many packs in one place (although our view was rather limited from the HV tent!)

We managed to re-home some lovely vintage jackets and some customers had actually started their Christmas shopping - crickey that is organised......

On the 12th of August we headed out into beautiful Exmoor country to the Exmoor Show. We were again blessed with some sunshine and there was a good crowd to enjoy the event. We met some lovely folk and children's jackets were a good seller on the day. (Time to restock!)

I think there was some drama in a couple of the classes - we hope those horses and riders involved are back on their feet and fighting fit again.

Our final stop for the summer is Dunster Show on Friday 21st August. We are keenly watching the weather map as soggy tweed is horrid at the best of times!

If you are there - pop over and say hello.... We will be in 'Saddlers Row'.



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The Inter Hunt Relay.

One of my favourite events at the summer shows.

Mayhem and madness and all very competitive!

Here is the Inter Hunt Relay from Windsor this year - where things looked a little moist!!

Good luck to anyone taking part this year!

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We want your vintage items!


Why does everything seem to shrink in the wardrobe?!

We are happy to part exchange or buy in any quality used attire.

We love vintage but are also happy to take more modern quality items too.

Jackets, coats, whips, sandwich cases, flasks and so on.

We will pay a fair price and can come to you if there is a substantial amount (distance pending) but can also provide a courier service to collect.

So why not give those old items a new lease of life?

Contact by email/call and we can discuss.

Its also really useful if you can email some images of the items as that helps when working out a value!

Check out those wardrobes and tackrooms.........



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First Hunting Vintage Show done - Onwards....!

A big thank you to all the lovely folk who came to browse, purchase, chat and shelter from the rain in our stand yesterday at Dunster Country Fair.

The mornings miserable rain showers gave way to beautiful sunshine, although it was rather blowy all day.

We had a fantastic view of the hound show and it was great to see so many packs in one place.

We now have a week to re-group and recharge and then its off to the next venue on August 6th - Honiton.


Kerry x


The HV Tent.


It was all too much for Mr Fox!





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After struggling to find a quality, reasonably priced saddle bag to use out hunting I wondered if it was just me or if there really was a problem.....!

Here we are a few years later with Hunting Vintage.  Read More


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