Tweed - that fabulous stuff we wear at this time of year!

But where did it all start?

The cloth was originally called 'tweel' (twill in Scotland). This was because the fabric was traditionally twilled into a pattern, rather than being just plain.
It became popular due to the wool used giving it a durable and weather resistant quality.
Over the years its popularity has grown from those wearing it for country pursuits to being widely used in the fashion indusry.
It has been championed by many over the years and has also featured widely on TV. Examples include Sherlock Holmes (Think of Benedict Cumberbatch in his fetching tweed coat!) and some of the Dr Who actors.


But for me, I have to say, Gary Barlow rocked some fabulous tweed whilst judging on the X-Factor!

The most well known tweed has to be Harris Tweed.
Its famed for being hand woven in the Outer Hebrides and is strictly controlled in terms of quality and process and is authenticated by the Harris Tweed Orb.
The variety in designs and colours available is amazing!

With tweed now being a regular on the High Street and featuring in anything from handbags and footwear to pet clothing it looks like its going to be here to stay.
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