I was totally frustrated recently when the supplier of the juice bottles used for the saddle cases suddenly (and quite randomly) changed the design  - namely the shape and size.

I was frustrated because there was no warning and no rhyme or reason but mostly because HV had just taken delivery of a large batch of freshly made cases - you guessed it - crafted to the exact specifications of the said juice bottles! AAAAgghh!

So after some pondering and a bit of head scratching, I set out to find alternatives.

I am now very happy to announce that I have found suitable replacements - that I feel are way better than what we were using previously.

I have sourced a sturdy and smart lacquered metal drinks bottle with a screw lid for the 'juice' option. (Although - feel free to fill it with wine or similar if that's your thing!)


I have also discovered some rather lovely childrens juice bottles with flip-top straws. Absolutley perfect for one handed, horse mounted refreshment. (Perhaps the wine would work here too?)


We still have the hot flasks for those who fancy something warming on a cold day. (I was thinking hot chocolate, tea, coffee or mulled wine before dismissing soup and baked beans as a step too far...!)

The flasks come complete with a saddle mounted case in either black or brown leather.

A great item to stop those thirst headaches whilst out in the field.


Find them here: