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  • Little Fox Saddle Bag

    Great customer service, the sort that makes you want to go back again. Jonathan
  • Big Fox Saddle Bag

    Hi Kerry, I got my order yesterday and am very happy with it. It's in great condition, as advertised, and I loved the packaging! It's perfect... I've been recommending your site (and excellent se...

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The Adventures of the Little Red Coat

Most of the time when vintage items arrive at HV its a bit of a surprise as to what will turn up and what condition it will be in. Emailed photos only give a general idea and sometimes things arrive with just a few details and high hopes they will be as described and ready for a spruce up and a new owner.

Some time ago, a big box arrived from somewhere that escapes me (you see, there are rather a lot of big boxes arriving here!)

Inside that box were a number of lovely red coats and in particular a beautiful vintage ladies wool coat in red. It had a stunning gold lining and oozed a quality hard to find these days.

SAM 0157

The little coat was loaded onto the website and enjoyed a summer attending various shows waiting for the right sized new owner to turn up.

At the end of the summer I received a request from a photo studio for hunting attire for a fashion shoot. The studio was based in London and the magazine in question was VogueItalia!

The little red coat, along with a gents red coat, a gents black coat and an assortment of stocks and pins travelled to London for the photo shoot.

Now, I love tradition and the piece in the magazine is anything but traditional. They have certainly added an interesting spin on the hunting look!


And not a horse in sight..... What do you make of that?!

Anyway, the little red coat returned, along with the other items and a short while later went off to its new owner - in Germany!

I hope the coat will go on for many more years and in the meantime I will bear in mind it may just be possible for me to wear my hunt coat to Morrisons on top of my hoody if it gets a bit parky! ;)


Auf Wiedersehen!


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After struggling to find a quality, reasonably priced saddle bag to use out hunting I wondered if it was just me or if there really was a problem.....!

Here we are a few years later with Hunting Vintage.  Read More


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